we would like to invite you to a show(展览) of our latest products(最近的产品).The show will take place at the beifang exhibition center(展览中心),139,wutong street,at 9:00.on wednesday,August 11.There will also be a reception(招待会) at 12:00pm.We hope you and your colleagues(同事) will be able to attend(参加).

In your last mail(信),you have mentioned (提到)that you are interested in some porcelain(瓷器) gifts for chiristmas.Our company has recently developed a series of dilicate(精美的) vases (瓶)and figures(塑像) fit for the season.(适合这个季节)。

Itwould be appreciated(感激),if you call our office at 81234567 not later than(不迟于) August 5 so that we can secure(保证) a place for you.

Hong Kong ABC Co. Ltd.

Sincerely yours


I am pleased to invite you to attend….很高兴邀请您参加。。。

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend….很荣幸邀请您。。。

I am longing to see you soon..期待尽快见到您

I am sure that you will enjoy yourself here.我确信您在这儿会度过美好时光。

I hope you are not too busy to come.我期待您会在百忙中光临。

We sincerely hope you can attend.我们期待您的光临。

Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience.是否参加,请尽早告知